Sulfur Soap Shavings for Pest

Khaw Nie is a passionate gardener who grows more than 40 types of mints at home. As a gardener, she knows that pest is always a problem. As a vendor, the no 1 question she receives from her customers is “How to deal with pest?” 

Recently, she has shared with me her experiences in using sulfur soap shavings to deal with sap suckling pests.

sharing from Dr Wilson Wong

Khaw Nie learned about the sulfur usage from an article published by Dr Wilson Wong. According to Dr Wilson, sulfur soap can be used against small sucking insects like aphids, mealy bugs, scales and so on, which are killed by suffocation, mites included.

Extracted from Dr Wilson’s Article:

How to use?

“To use make a spray of sulfur soap for pest control, grate the soap bar into fine flakes and dissolve a level teaspoon of these flakes in small amount of hot water. When totally dissolved, top the solution up to 800 mL or 1 L with tap water. Shake vigorously before spraying. This solution can be kept for up to a week. Ensure all the soap bits are dissolved so as to not clog your sprayer.”

More Info

“Sulfur is known to be of low toxicity, and poses very little if any risk to human and animal health. It is harmless to bees. Note that sulfur is toxic to all mites, including predatory mites, so caution is needed in its use to not upset the ecosystem. Sulfur is allowed in organic agriculture. The rest of the ingredients in the sulfur soap bar are quite harmless – saponified vegetable fats.”


“Always test a small portion of your plant before spraying so as to ensure the dose is suitable for use on your plant without causing phytotoxicity. Make a more dilute solution if required. Avoid breathing in the mist or letting it get into your eyes. Before consuming your plants, give the harvested parts a good soak and rinse. For heavily infested plants, prune away badly infested parts. Repeated applications on alternate days may be necessary. Spray during the cooler part of the day.”

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