Protecting vocational education – immediate programs demanded by left-wing and liberal parties

Vocational training is an important part of the German education system. It offers young people an opportunity to receive qualified training in various occupational fields. But the Corona crisis is also having an impact on vocational training in Germany. In light of school closures and internship shortfalls, leftists and liberals are now calling for immediate programs to protect vocational training.

Together, they have drawn up a list of demands, including financial support for trainees and training companies. The creation of virtual apprenticeships and an increase in the number of training supervisors and mentors in companies are also part of the immediate program. The goal is to maintain a high quality of education despite current challenges.

However, these demands are not meeting with a positive response from all politicians. Critics argue that the immediate programs are difficult to implement and that funding is unclear. Nevertheless, vocational education remains an important topic in German education policy and discussions about it will certainly continue.

It remains to be seen what measures will ultimately be taken to protect vocational education and training. It is clear, however, that in times of global crises such as the Corona pandemic, important areas such as education must be under special protection in order to ensure a well-trained workforce in the future as well.

The importance of vocational training

Vocational education is an important component of the education systems in Germany and cannot be underestimated. It offers practical training for young people that prepares them directly for the labor market. Vocational training focuses not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on practical skills that are essential for career success.

Left-wing and liberal parties call for an immediate program to safeguard vocational training. One of the aims is to improve the financing of training in order to ensure higher quality and satisfaction among trainees. The promotion of part-time apprenticeships and the strengthening of career guidance in schools should also be part of this immediate program.

  • Financing: Better financing of vocational training enables training companies to guarantee higher quality training. In addition, trainees can be adequately compensated and thus be more motivated and satisfied.
  • Part-time apprenticeships: Especially for young people with family obligations, full-time training is often difficult to manage. Part-time apprenticeships should therefore be offered and promoted.
  • Vocational orientation at schools: Early vocational orientation at schools can help young people to identify their interests and strengths at an early stage and to choose a suitable training program.

Overall, it can be stated that vocational education and training makes a significant contribution to preparing young people for the labor market and thus makes an important contribution to economic and social development. It is therefore important to protect and promote them.

The Left Party calls for protection of vocational training through immediate programs

The Left Party of Germany urgently calls for immediate measures to safeguard vocational training in Germany. In view of the current economic situation and the Corona pandemic, the party sees a great danger for apprentices and vocational students of not being able to complete their education. They are therefore calling for an immediate program to support this group.

Measures should ensure that trainees and vocational school students can continue to participate in their education without restriction, even if the economy and companies suffer downturns due to the crisis. For this purpose, companies should be supported and financially relieved in order to prevent stagnation in training.

The Left Party also calls for state support for trainees and vocational students in the form of financial relief, transfer payments and scholarships. This is to ensure that these groups can continue to finance and complete their apprenticeships. Moreover, the quality of vocational education and training should be ensured and further developed in order to take into account not only the economic needs of companies but also the needs of trainees and vocational students.

  • Financial relief and support for companies
  • State support in the form of transfer payments and scholarships
  • Safeguarding and further developing the quality of vocational training

The Left Party emphasizes that vocational training is an important part of the German training culture and must not be neglected in the current crisis. Securing and supporting apprentices and trainees is the only way to ensure good qualifications in the future.

Liberal demands for the protection of vocational training

Liberals call for vocational education to be protected from the effects of the COVID pandemic. To this end, measures must be taken to create apprenticeships for young people, but also for the unemployed or people who want to change careers.

To implement this, Liberals propose an emergency program for vocational education that would facilitate funding for training and encourage cooperation between businesses and educational institutions. In this way, new qualifications can be acquired to meet the demands of tomorrow’s working world.

Protecting vocational education - immediate programs demanded by left-wing and liberal parties
  • Preserving vocational training in times of crisis
  • Immediate program for vocational training
  • More cooperation between companies and educational institutions

The Liberals also want to use digitization to improve vocational training. Using e-learning platforms and other digital tools can make learning content more accessible and education more flexible.

In addition, the recognition of qualifications acquired abroad should be facilitated in order to make it easier for international skilled workers to enter the German labor market. This can also help combat the shortage of skilled workers.

Overall, vocational training is an important component of the German economy and must therefore be protected. Liberals therefore call for a strong focus on vocational training and an immediate program to cushion the impact of the COVID pandemic on the labor market.

Measures to protect vocational training

The protection of vocational training is of utmost importance from the point of view of the Left and the Liberals. There is an urgent need to implement immediate programs to ensure that education is secured even in times of crisis.

One possibility would be to increase support for works councils. Works councils play an important role in determining skill needs and ensuring the quality and relevance of vocational training opportunities. An increase in support would thus have a positive impact on vocational education and training.

Another important aspect is to increase financial support for apprentices. Many trainees cannot afford adequate training due to low wages or lack of support. Increasing financial support would thus also enable participation in important training and seminars.

  • Our suggestions for immediate programs to protect vocational education:
  • Increase support for works councils
  • Increasing financial support for apprentices
  • Improve accessibility to on-the-job training

These immediate programs to protect vocational education are urgently needed to ensure that society can continue to benefit from a skilled, well-educated workforce, even in times of crisis.

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