Our 15 favorite virtual team building activities to strengthen remote team cohesion

At a time when more and more companies have employees working remotely, it is crucial to maintain cohesion within the team. Virtual team building is an effective approach to boosting employee motivation and engagement.

Below, we present 15 of our favorite virtual team building activities that will help you strengthen your team, even if they don’t work in the same location.

These activities are not just about the fun factor, but also about learning new skills, improving communication and developing a better understanding of each other. By fostering cooperation and collaboration, these activities help remote teams function better and reach their full potential.

It is important to emphasize that virtual team building is not limited to remote teams only. Companies with offices in different locations or teams that occasionally work from home also benefit from these activities.

The importance of team building activities in virtual space

Remote team collaboration requires a special approach to build a good working atmosphere and trust between team members. Team building activities in the virtual space can help overcome this challenge. These activities can bring team members closer together and help them get to know each other better. This strengthens team collaboration and creates a sense of connectedness even though members are working in different locations.
There are numerous virtual team building activities that can help to strengthen cohesion. Virtual escape rooms are one option, for example. Here, team members have to escape from a room together by solving various puzzles and combining clues. This challenge requires a collaborative approach and encourages team communication and collaboration.
Another option is virtual quizzes, where the team can compete against each other in different categories. These can be about the knowledge of the team or about issues related to the personal interests of the team members. This promotes getting to know each other and creates a relaxed atmosphere in which team members can interact and communicate.
In summary, virtual team building activities are an important building block for a successful remote team. They can strengthen the sense of belonging and improve team collaboration. A variety of activities can accommodate individual needs and interests of team members. As a result, the team will be strengthened and able to work together successfully.

The advantages of virtual team building activities

Moving teams to the remote environment has many benefits, but it is also a challenge to strengthen collaboration and cohesion among team members. Virtual teambuilding activities offer a solution to overcome this challenge.

Direct feedback is an important factor in the team building process. Virtual activities can provide a safe environment where team members can provide real-time feedback and show empathy. This experience provides a deeper exchange that helps build trust and confidence between members.

Another benefit of virtual team building activities is that they facilitate participation from all members. Since teams are remote, members can participate in activities that would otherwise be impossible due to distance and time constraints. Including all members in the activities increases cohesion and a sense of belonging.

  • Virtual Escape Game
  • Cooking together
  • Online scavenger hunt
  • Virtual quiz game
  • Video game tournament
  • Virtual geocaching
  • Team trivia night
  • Problem solving workshop
  • Think-Out-Loud session
  • Collaborative brainstorming session
  • Virtual yoga or fitness class
  • Virtual wine tasting
  • Collaborative decorating of workspaces
  • Online book club
  • Game of Murder

The range of virtual teambuilding activities is vast and varied. Whether it’s quiz games, escape rooms or cooking classes, there are many ways to build team spirit and cohesion. By trying different activities, you can find the perfect program for your team, building a healthy team dynamic that exists regardless of distance or circumstance.

15 virtual teambuilding activities to strengthen remote teams

Even in a virtual work environment, it’s important to foster team cohesion and collaboration. Here are our favorite virtual team building activities:

  1. Trivia games: Create a quiz based on the interest of your team members and have them compete against each other.
  2. Cooking together: Share a recipe and have each team member prepare the dish. Then share photos of the meal in a group chat.
  3. Virtual happy hour: organize a Zoom meeting and get all team members to have a drink of their choice and chat about anything that comes to mind.
  4. Skill sharing: Ask each team member to give a short presentation on one of their skills and share useful tips and resources.
  5. Game nights: Play a game together online like “Among Us” or Cards Against Humanity.

In addition to these activities, there are many more ways to build remote team cohesion. Make sure you regularly schedule collaborative virtual activities to ensure all team members feel included.

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