Mother’s Day This Weekend

Mother’s Day is coming! Here are some of the potted plants you can grow in a pot for your plant mamas. Start simple. Slide over to see all images.

Quick Tip: Grow what she likes and see her smile.


Sandpaper Vine Flower Rice Ball

Sandpaper Vine Flowers in our garden are blooming! My husband and I decided to harvest the flowers and make a simple meal for our family.

We enjoy making something special for our family during Days to Remember such as birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas. If you are looking for something pretty or unique, go for this! Watch video below.

To grow Sandpaper Vine Flowers, you need one pot with a depth of at least 30cm, well-drained soil, healthy plant seedling and a trellis or a fence.

– Steamed Rice
– Salt
– Water
– Seaweed x 1 Piece (Optional)
– Edible Flowers

For Kelp Rice Ball:
– 5cm Sea Kelp
– 2gm Katsuo Bushi
– Soy Sauce x 1/2 Tbsp
– Mirin x 1/2 Tbsp
– White Sesame (some)

For Meat Rice Ball:
– Ready Grilled Meat

We learned the kelp rice ball recipe from Masa, you can YouTube him 🙂

Free feel to add any edible flowers you can find in your garden!

Rose Ball Pudding

One rose cutting from a hobby farmer friend to twenty rose plants. You only need a pot, well-drained soil and a cutting. Care it with enough water, full sun and One rose cutting from a hobby farmer friend to twenty rose plants. You only need a pot, well-drained soil and a cutting. Care it with enough water, full sun and fertiliser.

Pudding is my mum’s recipe and the rose ball is something I came across online. Watch video and steps below.

Basically, the rose balls elevate the look of our yummy pudding and make us happy. Rose balls’ taste wise, I think still need to modify ? Please share with me if you have any ideas ?

Give it a go on special occasions ❤️

For Pudding
– Soya Milk (No Sugar) x 1 litre
– Fresh Milk x 187.5ml
– Agar-agar Powder x 1.5 tsp
– Sugar x 90g

For Rose Salls
– Dried Roses
– Tapioca Starch 20g (just for fun so I only made a little bit)

Steps for Rose Balls
– Mix tapioca starch with 1 pinch of sugar then add boiled water (observe while adding water, you need a dough that’s not too hard & soft, the hard dough is like a rock)
– Add dried rose petals (small pieces) and mix
– Turn the dough into little balls
– Add the little balls to boiling water
– Take out the floating ones and quickly put them in cold water, sieve them and put aside

Note: I think can modify rose balls with reference to bubur cha cha ?

simple homemade kimchi

Big fan of kimchi? Wanna make kimchi but worry about the time it takes?

Here you go! A simple kimchi recipe that my mum loves ❤️ Compared to some traditional recipes which require 4 hours to make kimchi, this modern recipe saves me 2 hours! Watch the video below to learn how.

I started making kimchi because my mum loves to eat kimchi. As Mother’s Day is coming, I made another 3kg for her.

After doing it for several times, here are my biggest discoveries:

(1) Always use the super fresh vegetables because they make a huge difference, we literally feel the water content in each bite.

(2) Follow your hearts in the process, every jar is an adventure and feel free to make any adjustments along the way to create a jar that you and your family love

– 3kg Chinese Cabbages / Napa
– Salt
– 100g Korea Chili Powder
– Leek x 2
– Lemomgrass Stalk x 5
– Red Apple x 1
– Green Apple x 3
– Yellow Pear x 1
– Carrot x 1
– Raddish x 1
– Fish Sauce x 2 Tbsp
– Gochujang Sauce x 2 Tbsp

For Paste:
– Purple Onion x 3
– Garlic Bulb x 2
– Ginger x 1 Small Piece

For Sticky Effect:
– Glutinous Rice Flour x 15g
– Sugar x 1 tsp
– 300ml Water

Note: flip the marinated veggie every 30 mins (4 times in total)

Remember to prepare gloves ?

My current project: growing Napa in a pot and turn it into kimchi. Join me?