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White Peppermint
Basil, Spicy Globe Greek
Cuban Oregano

What Our Customers Say

Healthy Plants & Fast Delivery

“Healthy plants and fast delivery. Price is reasonable. Friendly and knowledgeable sellers.”

Sue-Ann Yong, Customer of My Edible Garden

Healthy Plants

“I was searching for edible flowers and stumble upon My Edible Garden listing. Khaw Nie is very friendly and helpful, and most important her plants are very healthy and in the right medium. They are now thriving in my balcony!”

Adeline, Customer of My Edible Garden

Pleasant Buying Experience

Excellent customer service which makes the entire buying experience pleasant. Excellent post sale support and follow ups. We are really grateful for all the advice on how to rejuvenate and care for our plants.”

Esther, Customer of My Edible Garden

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3 Amazing Crops That Fix Your Soil

"Can I use my existing soil to grow food?"
"The soil seems bad, do I throw away the soil?
 "Can I reuse the soil after planting?"

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Home Farming

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Home Farming

Raining Season, What To Do?

Home Farming

What If I Only Have Bright Light

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