Home Farming 101 Series – Herb Tips

Herb 101 for Beginners

Wan Ying of Little Urban Oasis has shared with us something simple so that we can kick start now and adjust the soil ratio during our gardening journey.

? Soil Ratio

? How to propagate herbs from cuttings?

⭐️ How to fertilise?

? How to water?

☀️ Sun requirement


Soil Ratio

Compost: Sand = 70:30

How to propagate herbs from cuttings?

Step 1: Prepare rubberband, bottle and onion / sink netting

Step 2: Remove leaves from last 1 or 2 nodes

Step 3: Root them in the water and place at location with at least 2 hours of sun

Remember to change water everyday. 

Common Q&As

Q1: Why use netting for rooting?

To hold the cuttings in place, prevent potential mosquitoes breeding and yet allow cuttings to breathe. Cling wrap however will keep the air out, no ventilation. You can use recycled onion netting or those sink netting from Daiso.

Q2: Why need to change water?

Fresh water is always good for plant. Water turns stale if you do not change them regularly.

Q3: How long after water rooting shall we transplant to soil? 

When you see lots of roots. Typically 1 week for mint & basil families. Up to 4 to 6 weeks for Rosemary.

How to fertilize?

For herbs, N ≥ 3 is fine such as 4:2:6 or 5:5:5. Apply once a month or at most biweekly.

How to water?

Most of the herbs (except mint) do not like to be too wet, high humidity and wet leaves. Let the soil dry out in between watering works well for herbs. Typically water once a day. Prefer root zone watering for most except mint family.

Sun Requirement – Where to put my herbs?

Well-ventilated area with at least 4 hours of sun hours.

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