Grow with Seed Paper – GoPasar & Luscent

Hi! If you are reading this, you probably are a GoPasar member or you have received the Christmas order made by Clara from Luscent and after scanning the QR code, here you are! The xmas tree card that you are holding was made of recycled papers, seeds and homegrown flowers. A few months ago, the seed papers were made from sandpaper vine. This month, I had lots of roses in the garden.

Compost & sand mixed, seed papers and Clara’s handmade seed pack, photo taken by Clara

A closer look,  photo taken by Clara

This is a basic guide which Clara and I have curated for beginners who are keen to grow herbs using the handmade seed paper or seeds.

What to do now?

Step 1: Remove the cocopeat pot cover. The pot is filled with compost and sand, mixed by Clara.

Step 2: Cut the seed paper and bury the seeds with one thin layer of compost. You can also add some seeds found in Clara’s handmade seed packs.

Step 3: Water once a day and keep the compost moist. Keep it under shade until you see sprouts.

Something sprouts? 

Shift the pot to somewhere with morning sun.

You might have received: 

  • basil
  • thyme
  • lemon balm

Growing tips:

  • Before you water on a daily basis, check the moisture by poking finger into your compost
  • Herbs need min 4 hours of sun
  • Once the seedlings are about 4-5cm tall, remove the extra seedlings or transplant some of them to plant pot
  • Ideal space size: 15cm + soil depth: 20cm
  • Fertilize once a month

Merry Christmas to You

Last but not least, we wish you Merry Christmas and we hope the growing journey from seed paper / seeds will bring you the joy of watching how tiny seeds turn into something on your plate and how, with a little work, we can all give ourselves some me-time during the quite moments with plants and think about important things in life. 

A little bit about Clara and I

My name is Hui Teng. Clara and I e-met in a femalepreneur group last year. We are very passionate in what we do but things don’t always turn the way we want them to be. I am really thankful and blessed to have Clara. She shows up whenever I need her. 

Clara and I spoke at length on why she insists on “simple & natural” in her products and why it’s important to her. It’s the sheer reverence she has for nature. Hence, she has founded Luscent to encourage everyone to live simply, in tune with nature and be happy each day.

If you are reading this and you have missed Clara’s Christmas order, check out her IG at @luscent_co.

Have questions for growing herbs?

Just reach out. GoPasar helps beginners to get fresh food either by growing your own or getting the food directly from trusted local farmers who say no to pesticides.