Grow Edible Cactus & Recipe

Do you know that cactus comes from a big family, with at least 2,000 species in the world. It originates from America and Mexico has the most types of cactus! If you have noticed, some Christmas Trees were made out of cactus cuttings!

Growing edible cactus at home is pretty simple and it becomes quite handy when you need cactus as one of your food ingredients!

3 Simple Steps:

? Step 1: Leave the cactus leaf alone until it sprouts

? Step 2: Cut ✂️ the edge of cactus leaf and transplant baby cactus to soil

? Step 3: Cactus needs full sun ☀️ and water ? once a week

Where to find edible cactus cutting? Here

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Cactus Recipe from Geok Kuan of juan herbal cuisine

In Mexico, there are many ways of cooking cactus, including steam, stir fry, marinate, serve as salad and many others. Among them, spicy fried cactus, egg fried cactus and cactus salad are the most popular ones.

Geok Kuan of Juan Herbal Cuisine taught us how to make cactus juice during a hands-on workshop in 2019! The taste was fantastic! Today, she is sharing with us something simple which is cactus soup! See above infographic for steps.

Geok Kuan is my sifu for turning wild plants into yummy cuisine. Recently, she just published Singapore’s first Chinese book that combines simple literature with recipes. An ultimate necessity if you like to read, grow, and cook. A 200-page coloured paperback and it covers over 40 wild/local plants (with scientific names) and their recipes (almost all are plant based). Click here if you are interested.

Last but not least, let’s grow the food we eat and connect with our food source today. 

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Written by Geok Kuan

Founder of Juan Herbal Cuisine

Farm-to-table by geok kuan