Deutsche bahn: over 25.000 new hires planned

Deutsche Bahn plans more than 25 this year.000 new hires. The company hopes to meet the growing demand for qualified employees in various sectors, including tourism.

Deutsche Bahn is a major player in the tourism sector in particular. With its extensive train services within Germany and to neighboring countries, it is a popular choice for travelers.

To ensure that its high standards of service and quality are met, Deutsche Bahn is constantly on the lookout for new talented employees. Skilled workers in customer service, travel consulting and train escorts are particularly in demand.

Deutsche bahn: over 25.000 new hires planned

However, interested applicants should hurry, because due to high demand, many positions have already been filled. If you still want to take a chance, you can find out about current vacancies on the Deutsche Bahn website.

Know what’s going on in tourism! Deutsche Bahn continues to be an important factor in the German tourism sector, with numerous job openings keeping the industry’s job market strong.

Deutsche Bahn plans new hires

This year, Deutsche Bahn is planning more than 25.000 new hires. This was recently announced and is good news for the job market in Germany. New hires are expected to have a positive impact, especially in the tourism sector.

Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest employers in Germany and offers a variety of employment opportunities. Employees’ tasks include operating trains, maintaining and servicing rail vehicles, and organizing and managing a variety of areas.

With the new hires, Deutsche Bahn also wants to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. School leavers and young professionals in particular are to be targeted in order to attract qualified workers in the long term. Interested parties can visit Deutsche Bahn’s website for information on training opportunities and job openings.

  • To summarize:
  • More than 25.000 new hires planned
  • Positive impact on the labor market expected in the field of tourism
  • Wide range of employment opportunities
  • Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers

Investing in employee skills and working conditions at Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn plans to make more than 25.000 new hires, focusing on upskilling employees and improving working conditions. The know-how of the employees is to be further expanded by means of targeted training and courses. Particular focus on topics such as digitalization and sustainability.

Various measures have already been taken to improve working conditions. Flexible working models and mobile working, for example, are supposed to offer employees more freedom and independence in their everyday working lives. In addition, workplaces have been ergonomically designed and safety standards increased.

Continuing education opportunities have also been expanded. Employees have the opportunity to further their education in various areas to advance their careers. These include language courses, specialist seminars and a dedicated training center.

  • About 25.000 new hires planned
  • Focus on employee qualifications
  • Improve working conditions through flexible working models and ergonomically designed workplaces
  • Expanding opportunities for further education

By making these investments in employee training and working conditions, Deutsche Bahn aims to further strengthen its position as one of the leading providers of public transport and equip itself for the future.

Working at Deutsche Bahn – career opportunities everywhere

Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest employers in Germany and offers a variety of attractive job opportunities for young talents and experienced professionals. The railroads have set a goal of reducing more than 25 by the end of 2021.Hiring 000 new employees. Job openings include engineers, IT specialists, dispatchers, train conductors, passenger attendants, workshop staff, sales staff and many more.

As an employer, Deutsche Bahn offers its employees optimal career opportunities: Through internal training and development programs, employees are given the opportunity to develop personally and professionally and to fill challenging positions. The railroad is known for its flat hierarchies and open communication channels, which creates a pleasant working environment and motivates employees to improve their performance.

Deutsche Bahn is not only an employer, but also an institution in Germany. As the largest mobility service provider in the country, Deutsche Bahn shapes public life and offers its employees secure prospects for the future. The group operates not only regional and national rail transport, but also numerous bus lines, car rental services and other areas. For example, Deutsche Bahn employees have the opportunity to specialize in different areas of the company and gain new experience.

  • Attractive job offers in various areas
  • Flat hierarchies and open communication
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Involvement in an institution of major importance in Germany
  • Job security and a wide range of career opportunities

If you’re interested in a job opportunity with Deutsche Bahn, you should check out the company’s careers website. Here you can find all open positions, requirements and application forms. Deutsche Bahn is looking forward to your application!

Deutsche Bahn and tourism: important information for travelers

Deutsche Bahn plans over 25 this year.To recruit 000 new employees to meet the ever-growing demand in the tourism sector. For travelers, this means that they can look forward to a wider range of destinations and connections in Germany and Europe.

To make the journey even more enjoyable, Deutsche Bahn offers many additional services, such as WLAN, seat reservations and luggage storage. Travelers should make sure to book their tickets in time to take advantage of early booking discounts and secure a seat on the train.

The environment also benefits from the growing importance of rail tourism. Deutsche Bahn is increasing its focus on environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable business practices. The use of electric locomotives and the expansion of renewable energies are just some of the measures Deutsche Bahn is taking to be a modern and environmentally friendly provider in the tourism sector.

  • Booking tickets in good time secures seats and discounts
  • Additional services such as WLAN and luggage storage increase convenience
  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable business practices help protect the environment

Travelers should check current travel information and conditions before they travel. Deutsche Bahn’s website provides information on disruptions, construction activities and current offers. Using DB Navigator, travelers can access up-to-date information and timetables at any time while on the move.

Deutsche Bahn is a major player in the tourism sector in Germany and Europe. Its sustainability strategy and constant development of its services and connections make it a reliable partner for all travelers, whether business or leisure.

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