The public cultural sector in siberia: the importance of cultural houses in the novosibirsk region

Culture plays an important role in the identity of a country and in society. It serves as an outlet for creative expression and a platform for cultural exchange and community integration. In Siberia, culture may not be as prominent as in Western countries, but it still has an important place in public life.

In this article we will focus on the Novosibirsk region of Siberia and examine the public cultural enterprise in this region. In particular, we will focus on the role of cultural houses, which play a central role in promoting art and culture in the region. We will look at the history of cultural houses in the region and analyze their importance for the local community.


Electric heaters – a quick solution needed

In Germany, there are about 2.5 million households that are equipped with electric heaters. Current plans call for replacement within the next five years.

Electric heaters - a quick solution needed

Electric heating is one of the main causes of high CO2 emissions in Germany. They are inefficient and consume large amounts of electricity. For this reason, a solution must be found quickly to accelerate the replacement of heating systems.


4 Ways temple square in rome is inspired by italian culture and history

Temple Square – or Campo de’ Fiori, as it is known in Italian – is one of the most famous squares in Rome and a symbol of Italy’s rich history and culture.

The history of the square dates back to the 15th century. The site dates back to the nineteenth century, when it was used as a place for public executions and markets. Today, Temple Square is a lively place full of cafes, restaurants and stores, frequented by tourists and locals alike.


“Footballing best performance”: glasner positive despite draw

The Wolfsburg team scored a 1-1 draw in the match against TSG Hoffenheim. Although the result was the same, coach Oliver Glasner was positive about his team’s play, calling it “soccer’s best performance”.

Glasner said he was pleased with the players’ performance, despite the draw. The team controlled the game and also had several chances to score a goal. However, the draw left the team in eighth place in the table, three points behind sixth place.


Good to know: new revenue replacement policy

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies in Germany have suffered heavy losses. To mitigate the economic impact and prevent bankruptcies, the federal government has implemented several relief measures. One important measure is revenue replacement for businesses affected by government measures to contain the pandemic.

On 7. July 2021, the federal cabinet has approved a new guideline for sales replacement. The new scheme replaces the previous Bridging Assistance III Plus and is to apply for the period from July to September 2021. The changes mainly concern the conditions for eligibility to apply, the amount of the turnover rate and the timing of payment.


Save the world – in only 45 minutes?

We live in a time when climate change and environmental problems are becoming more and more present. Many people are concerned about the future of our planet and wonder what they can do to save the world. The good news is that there are many ways each of us can contribute to protect the environment.

One issue that is often discussed in this context is quick fixes that can supposedly help save the world in the shortest time possible. But how realistic are such claims? Can you really save the world in just 45 minutes?


Partner search not at all sulfur at which gehort ozzy second fiddle him for a long time more inside

Dating can sometimes be more difficult than you think. Sometimes it feels as if the whole world has already found a partner, while you yourself are still looking for one. Even for celebrities, finding the right partner can be difficult.

A famous example is Ozzy Osbourne, who has been married for a long time, but has often talked about his difficulties in finding a suitable partner for his son. However, the search for a partner also seems to be a challenge for himself or herself.


An island with three holds

An island with three holds

An island with three stops – that sounds like an exciting adventure. In fact, it is a French expression used in the German language to refer to a complex matter. But what exactly is behind this term?

The literal translation of “an island with three stops” Describes an island surrounded by moorings on three sides. Figuratively, the expression represents a thing that consists of several parts, all of which are equally important and must work together. This can be, for example, a machine with different components or a complex company with several departments.


Soccer: the expensive lucky neymar

Neymar, the Brazilian superstar of soccer, is one of the most expensive players in the world. But for fans and coaches, he’s also one of the most talented and amazing players ever. Hardly anyone can handle the ball as elegantly, quickly and precisely as he does.

Neymar has already celebrated many successes in his career, including winning the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores. He was also twice voted the best player in South America. His skills on the pitch are undeniable and he has proven that he is one of the best players in the world.


The right of the beneficiary of the compulsory portion to information and an estate inventory

Anyone who has a claim to a compulsory portion would like to know what assets the deceased left behind in order to be able to claim their compulsory portion. This is where the right to information of the beneficiary of the compulsory portion comes into play. This claim is regulated in the German Civil Code (BGB) and entitles the beneficiary of the compulsory portion to demand information about the deceased’s assets.
In order to guarantee the right to information, the notary can draw up an estate inventory. The estate inventory documents all of the decedent’s assets and is therefore an important basis for calculating the compulsory portion. By having a notarized probate record, the parties involved can protect themselves from disputes and potential mistakes.
In the following, we will take a closer look at the right of the beneficiary of the compulsory portion to information and the notarial estate inventory. We will go into the prerequisites, scope and limits of the right to information and explain the importance and advantages of a notarial estate inventory.

What information must be provided to the beneficiary of the compulsory portion?

Under German inheritance law, the beneficiary of the compulsory portion has a right to information from the heir. This means that the heir is obliged to disclose to the beneficiary of the compulsory portion all information about the estate that is relevant for the calculation of the compulsory portion.