Berlin supports companies with 100 million loans

The Corona crisis has put the German economy in a difficult situation. Many companies have had to close or face immense sales restrictions. To help the affected companies, the state of Berlin has launched a 100 million euro loan program.

The aim is to prevent companies from having to file for insolvency due to the crisis. The loans can be applied for at Investitionsbank Berlin and are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is important to mention that the interest rates for the loan are very low.

The support is intended to help the affected companies continue to pay their running costs and salaries, and thus remain in the market in the long term.

The crisis is hitting many companies hard and the government’s measures are an important step in overcoming the difficult situation. Hopefully more initiatives will follow and companies will continue to be supported in the future.

Background information

Berlin has decided to support companies hit by the economic crisis of COVID-19 through a loan program totaling 100 million euros. This decision was made because many Berlin companies have experienced financial difficulties due to the lockdown. The city government of Berlin has therefore decided to help these companies by providing them with favorable loans.

The loan program is part of the Berlin Resilience Program, aimed at cushioning the economic impact of COVID-19. The city administration of Berlin expects that the loan program will help many companies that are experiencing financial difficulties due to the crisis. The loans are to be made available to those companies that have difficulty obtaining loans from banks.

To receive a loan from the program, companies must meet certain requirements. This includes, for example, that the company is located in Berlin and has been in business for at least one year. It must also be able to prove that it has experienced financial difficulties as a result of the Corona crisis. The loans can be used for specific purposes, such as ongoing operating costs or investments in the digitalization of the company.

  • Benefits of the loan program:
  • Support for Berlin companies in crisis
  • Favorable loans with low interest rates
  • Applicable for certain purposes
  • Facilitates access to credit for companies that have difficulty obtaining it from banks

Who can benefit from it?

Berlin is helping companies affected by the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic with a loan program worth 100 million euros. However, this initiative may not benefit all companies in Berlin.

First of all, companies in the tourism and hospitality sector can benefit. As public life has been severely curtailed, many businesses in these industries have lost their revenues. With the loans, they can pay their salaries and rents and possibly reopen their businesses if the situation improves.

Furthermore, small and medium-sized businesses in general can benefit from the following. These companies may not have sufficient reserves to weather the crisis. The loans will allow them to cover their operating costs and survive until the economy recovers.

Berlin supports companies with 100 million loans

However, it is important to note that not all businesses are eligible for or want to take advantage of these programs. Companies with poor credit ratings may not be able to obtain loans or may have to pay higher interest rates. Some companies may prefer alternative forms of financing or choose to restructure their businesses in other ways.

Overall, companies in a variety of industries and sizes can benefit from loans under the Berlin program. However, it is important to check whether this option is the best choice for each company.

How the program works

The City of Berlin’s program, which supports companies with a total of 100 million euros in loans, is an important measure to mitigate the economic consequences of the Corona crisis.

To benefit from the program, companies can apply, including submitting required documentation outlining their financial situation.

The amount of the loan depends on many factors, for example, the number of employees of the company, the age of the company and the turnover figures in the last months.

  • Favorable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Possibility of deferral

Thanks to these benefits, the program will be an important support for many companies to survive this difficult period and maintain their businesses.

Application for the program is possible through the online portal of the city of Berlin. Companies can also take advantage of a personal consultation to clarify any questions and find out further details.

Current developments

The city of Berlin has decided to support companies with a loan totaling 100 million euros. Especially in times of Corona, many companies are struggling with financial problems and this aid package is designed to help them get back on their feet again.

By providing loans, businesses can improve their liquidity and reduce their costs. This way, they can continue to pay their employees and do not have to lay them off or declare short-time work. This is an important step towards strengthening the economy in Berlin and preserving jobs.

Berlin supports companies with 100 million loans

In order to receive the loan, companies must meet certain criteria and prove their creditworthiness. In addition, the loan will be offered at a low interest rate to make it easier for companies to repay the loan. It remains to be seen how many companies will take advantage of this offer, but it is an important step in mitigating the impact of the Corona crisis on the economy.

  • Many companies are struggling with financial difficulties
  • The city of Berlin will help with a loan totaling 100 million euros
  • The loan is intended to preserve jobs
  • Companies must meet criteria and prove their creditworthiness
  • The loan is offered at a low interest rate


Berlin is supporting companies with a sum of 100 million euros as a loan to mitigate the economic impact of the Corona pandemic. While some critics argue that this measure is not enough to help the affected businesses, it is a first step in the right direction.

In addition, it is positive to note that the criteria for awarding the loans are strict and only companies with a positive future forecast will be supported. This is to ensure that taxpayer money is used wisely and has the desired effect.

Affected companies are strongly advised to take advantage of the support and use all possibilities to increase their liquidity. It remains to be seen how effective the loans will actually be and whether further support will be needed. In any case, it is an encouraging sign that the government is trying to support the economy in times of crisis.

  • Conclusion:
  • 100 million euros as a loan for affected companies
  • Positive forecast for the future as a criterion for awarding the contract
  • Recommendation to companies to take advantage of the support
  • Effectiveness remains to be seen
  • Encouraging sign from the government

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